How might anybody figure out occasions on this planet

Assuming you read the New York Times and pay attention to Public Radio here in the U.S – two news sources that are thought by a lot of people to be perfect — it’s only the same old thing. The significant issues are not generally at any point examined: issues, for example, the fast approaching liquidation of the US, the innovation concealed in the dark projects that, whenever delivered, could change the essence of our planet, the exposure of extraterrestrial contact with the legislatures of the earth, and the depleting of the depository by the mystery “knowledge” financial plan (which is never revealed even to the President or Congress).

On this planet there is a covered up, shadow government made out of companies that are related with protection contracting and the overall knowledge local area. Occasions are that are depicted openly frequently have next to zero relationship to the real world.

For instance, those of you mature enough to recall Ronald Reagan’s “SDI” (Vital Guard Drive) were informed that it should be a space-based framework put in a position to hit approaching Russian rockets. A great many dollars were distributed to set it up. Yet, the genuine explanation it was set up was (is) to thump down approaching ETVs (extra-earthbound vehicles) with the goal that the nitwits responsible for this maverick dark program could pick apart the innovation. (Obviously assuming you really express that to individuals, they will think you are insane. However, reality truly is bizarre indeed).

In that news meeting Rumsfeld likewise conceded that the Dodd can’t follow more than 25% of what it spends. This was an inferred confirmation of the channel of public assets into the “dark opening” of the corporate shadow government. (The media simply say, “The Dodd is wasteful,” and jokes are made about it. In any case, this is to excuse an extremely, significant distraction). The guard financial plan is around a trillion consistently, so that implies around $250 billion of our cash is vanishing without being represented.

The revelation issue ETs and the outlandish innovation stowed away in the dark programs are personally related

These issues are at the actual center of the issues on our planet. We live, at the present time, in an impractical human progress in view of rough, scant, and contaminating petroleum products, when there is innovation free in these secret projects which can in a real sense take clean energy straightforwardly from the texture of room and relieve by and large the battling and quarreling about oil and other petroleum derivatives that is the reason for global international strategy, and which causes excessive languishing over individuals of this planet.

Individuals in Congress Have some familiarity with this however can fail to address it

John Pedestal, Obama’s previous Head of Staff and guide, reported that he has been not able to get exposure of “the UFO records.” An article on this can be found at Dr. Steven Greer’s site here.These issues are depicted in the corporate-controlled media as either nutty space trainees discussing trivial and intellectually disturbed issues (for we are separated from everyone else in the universe, obviously, and regardless of whether we weren’t, just insane individuals discuss this stuff), or it’s depicted, as in the Yahoo News story, as immaterial interest with things that have no connection to recent developments. At the point when, truth be told, these subjects are at the actual heart of our concerns. The sequestering of this extraordinary innovation is causing such a lot of superfluous languishing over individuals on this planet, which is the subject of my message this month.

These circumstances lead to a ton of superfluous human misery

I used to attempt to persuade individuals that if we could open our eyes a bit, we individuals could choose new delegates who could press for change. Or if nothing else increment the information on the general population about the circumstances that lead to superfluous human affliction. Since with information comes the capacity to perceive when occasions are heading down some unacceptable path.

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