Fund of the Month March 2016: IPM Systematic Macro

Fund Strategy
The objective of the IPM Systematic Macro Strategy (the “Strategy”) is to generate consistent positive returns. The Strategy is based on proprietary investment models that provide unique insights into how fundamental drivers interact with the dynamics of asset price returns. The investment models employed evaluate the relative attractiveness of financial instruments and exploit the divergence in fundamentals by taking long and short positions. The information derived from these models is processed in a systematic way on a daily basis whereas the identified dislocations are typically medium to long term. The IPM Systematic Macro Strategy was first launched in 2003. It has a long term proven track-record, with competitive and diversifying returns. The Strategy has the potential to add value to an institutional investor’s portfolio due to its low correlation to traditional and alternative investment strategies. The strategy is also available in a UCITS format – further information can be found on the fund website.

Fund Chart

chart_2016_03_IPM_blue* Calculations based on monthly observations of the track record of the reference strategy, IPM’s Systematic Macro Fund. From the inception date, July 1st, 2006, IPM Systematic Macro Fund, net of fees, B Shares (Bloomberg: IPMGLTB KY Equity) with management Fee 1.0%, performance fee 20%, HWM until Dec 2012 (discontinued), then E shares (IPMGLTE KY Equity) with management Fee 2.0%, performance Fee 20%, HWM) until Feb 2015 and thereafter IPM Systematic Macro Fund, net of fees, E shares (Bloomberg: IPMGLTE KY Equity) with management fee 1.5%, performance fee 20%, HWM.

Fund Facts
Inception date: August 12th 2015
AuM: USD 283 million
Sharpe ratio: 0.9*
Volatility: 10.7%*
1 month performance: 5.2%
3 month performance: 13.3%
36 month performance: 37.4%*
YTD performance: 11.8%
Ann. perf. since inception: 10.1%*
(All data as of Feb 29th 2016)

Portfolio Manager
Bjeorn OesterbergThe research team is led by CIO Björn Österberg. He joined IPM in 2008 with extensive experience from the financial industry. IPM Informed Portfolio Management was founded in 1998 with the purpose of delivering robust investment strategies with a systematic investment process to institutional investors. Based in Stockholm, IPM has over forty employees of which over half are involved in research and investments. IPM serves institutional investors globally.

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