Fund of the month March 2015: 5D SteppenWolf Macro Alpha UI

Fund Strategy
SteppenWolf considers ‘Austrian School’ economists as the prime exponents of its thesis regarding the pernicious longer-term effects of monetary laxity and financial repression as electorally-driven, myopic, ‘can-kicking’ half-measures in place of the requisite – but politically untenable – fiscal austerity and asset deflation. The 5D SteppenWolf Macro UI utilises three types of primary indicators in its allocation and positioning decision-making process: Fundamental / Long-Term Directional (Cyclical, Monetary/Credit and Valuation), Technical / Medium-Term Momentum and Behavioural / Short-Term Sentiment. The fund’s positioning is top-down, discretionary, diversified and active as a result. The portfolio therefore typically comprises about 65% macro-driven directional positions and 35% market-neutral/relative value position

Fund Chart



Fund Facts
Date of inception: May 2013
Strategy: Discretionary Macro
AuM: EUR 5 million
Volatility: 5.77%
Return 2014: 8.00%
YTD Performance: 2.37%
Ann. perf. since inception: 4.77%
Outperformance vs. Credit Suisse Macro Index since inception: 10.29%
(All data as of 28.02.2015)

Portfolio Manager
Phoebus ThPhoebus Theologites_Steppenwolfeologites holds a BA cum laude in Economics from Harvard University, a MPhil in Finance from the University of Cambridge, and a MSc in Mathematical Economics from the London School of Economics. He has worked for 20 years as a complex derivatives trader and structurer across several asset classes. He has managed equity, interest-rate, currency, commodity and hybrid books and proprietary positions, supervised division-wide trading risk and execution, set up or restructured client and proprietary trading desks globally, developed a variety of analytics and trading systems, advised on both opportunistic and systematic trading strategies, and served as member of various trading-floor management and division-level risk committees.

About SteppenWolf CapitalSteppenwolf_logo_schwarz
SteppenWolf Capital is an award winning Swiss, Singapore, and Mumbai based Multi Manager Multi Fund Investment Company, providing cross-market / cross-asset investment management solutions to institutional and professional investors worldwide. The organization provides necessary structure and oversight while providing an efficient framework for communication and collaboration. SteppenWolf encapsulates the proven investment views and consistent track records of a closely-knit and long-acquainted investment team, whose members have each left their own mark in trading, research and academia over the last 25 years.

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