Fund of the month June 2016: Renasset Ottoman Fund

Fund Strategy
The Renasset Ottoman Fund is an unconstrained bottom-up stock picking fund with a macro overlay, primarily investing in Emerging European equities. The fund may also opportunistically invest in the broader EMEA markets if the opportunity arises based on the fund manager’s risk-adjusted return matrix. The fund has been managed by Aziz Unan since inception in January 2006 and it has been awarded the best Emerging European by Euro Am Sonntag over 10 years due to its outstanding performance. Aziz actively uses index futures, options and may hedge currencies during times of market stress in order to protect downside and reduce volatility of the fund. On the long side, Aziz’s strategy is “cash flow” and “return on capital invested” driven based on the in-house research proprietary database that’s is used to cover over 200 stocks in the region.

Fund Chart


Fund Facts
Mori Capital LogoInception date: January 3rd 2006
AuM: EUR 57.1 million
Sharpe ratio: 0.1
Volatility: 22.2% (since inception)
1 month performance: 6.3%
3 month performance: 15.2%
12 (or 36) month performance: -8.8%
YTD performance: 11.3%
Ann. perf. since inception: 2.4%
(All data as of April 30th 2016)

Portfolio Manager
Aziz Unan_Mori_swWith more than 20 years of investment experience, Aziz Unan has been managing the Renasset Ottoman Fund since its launch in January 2006 and has been awarded multiple industry awards and ratings. He started his finance career as an equity analyst at Erste Bank in 1996. Thereafter Aziz was the Head of Research at Wood & Company between 2002 and 2004 covering Emerging European equities. He is also the founder of Unan Portfoy Yonetimi A.S., which is a portfolio management company registered and regulated by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey. Aziz holds a BA in Business Administration from the Anglo-American University.

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