Fund of the Month February 2015: LOYS GLOBAL L/S

Fund Strategy
The investment strategy of the LOYS Global L/S Fund can be be categorized as Long/Short Equity with a long bias. The fund’s edge is the identification and exploitation of misvalued stocks on the international equity markets. Its investment universe thereby is not limited to specific countries or sectors; in principle any stock exchange traded company all around the world can be a potential investment. On the basis of a fundamental bottom-up analysis, the fund will trade equity that is significantly under- or overvalued. Being the most defensive fund in the LOYS fund range, the LOYS Global L/S has a net long exposure between 10 – 50 %.

Fund Chart

chart LOYS L/S

Fund Facts
Date of inception: January 1st 2012LOYS_Logo_blau_schwarz_mitClaim
AuM: EUR 26 million
Sharpe Ratio: 1.43
Volatility: 6.48
1 month performance: 1.52%
3 month performance: 5.28%
12 month performance: 9.65%
YTD performance: 4.76%
Ann. perf. since inception: 14.40%
(All data as of February 16th 2015)

Portfolio ManagerLOYS
Dr. Christoph Bruns was born 1967 in Münster, Germany. 1992 he graduated, 1994 he completed his doctorate as a Doctor of Economic Sciences. He joined Union Investment as Fund Manager in 1994. In 1996, Dr. Bruns became Interim Head of the Equity Funds chapter. 2000 he was promoted to Head of Equity Funds Group, 2001 to Head of PM division. In 2005 he assumed his duties as Fund Manager, Partner and Board Member at LOYS AG. He manages the LOYS Global L/S along with Ufuk Boydak, CFA.

Ufuk Boydak, CFA, joined LOYS AG in November 2009 as analyst. 2011Ufuk Boydak_Loys, he was promoted co-portfolio manager for all LOYS funds. On 01.01.2013 he took over as fund manager for the LOYS Global System Fund. With the launch of the very successful LOYS Europa System, Ufuk Boydak system is now responsible for 2-fund of the investment boutique LOYS. In addition, since 01.01.2015 he is member of the board and shareholder of LOYS AG.


LOYS AG is specialized in value-oriented, active equity portfolio management. LOYS is headquartered in Oldenburg with portfolio management and research teams based in Frankfurt and Chicago. The LOYS Global fund invests in a concentrated portfolio of best ideas with high active share while pursuing a conservative, counter-cyclical investment strategy.

Founded in 1995, LOYS AG now manages more than 800 million EUR in client assets.

The portfolio management team is spearheaded by managing partner Dr. Christoph Bruns, who has been working as a portfolio manager since 1994 and acted as head of equities at Union Investment until 2002, overseeing more than 40bn EUR in assets under management. As an experienced fund manager Dr. Bruns has been a vital contributor to LOYS‘success in generating superior long-term returns for its clients. LOYS takes pride in investing substantial amounts of the partners own capital in the funds managed by LOYS thereby aligning company interests with that of its clients.

LOYS investment philosophy can be summarized in one sentence: “LOYS invests in high-quality companies that can be acquired below their intrinsic value.”

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