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Interview with Mussie Kidane, Banque Pictet & Cie SA

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Mr. Mussie Kmussie-kidaneidane is the Head of Fund Selection and heads a 7 member team responsible for selecting best-in-breed fund managers across all asset classes for Pictet Wealth Management globally. Mr. Kidane is also the portfolio manager of a US$ 2billion low volatility fund since 2007. Prior to joining Pictet, Mr. Kidane was analyst & portfolio manager within the fund selection and multimanagement team at LODH &
Cie. Mr. Kidane, your team is directly responsible for overseeing close to CHF 11 billion in external fund managers. What types of strategies do you invest in?
Mussie Kidane: We select and monitor a wide range of products covering equities, fixed income and real assets both active and passive investment strategies. Our mission is to build a toolbox that will help our discretionary and advisory management units implement the strategic and tactical asset allocation decisions made by the Wealth Management Investment Committee (WMIC). Read More

Fund of the month September 2016: Global Time Diversified Absolute Return Fund

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Fund Strategy
The Principal Global Investors Funds – Global Time Diversified Absolute Return Fund is a UCITS compliant fund domiciled in Ireland. It aims to provide a consistent stream of positive returns in excess of USD 3-month LIBOR over a 3 – 5 year horizon. The Fund is a 50 / 50 risk weighted blend of a macro discretionary alpha process and a discretionary systematic process and invests in FX derivative instruments within the developed market universe. The distinct characteristics of the underlying strategies help the Fund diversify across multiple factors which results in a more stable return profile than most single strategy approaches whilst remaining lowly correlated to other market betas. It invests solely in FX derivative instruments within the developed market universe.

Fund Chart
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UCITS HFS Index continues recovery, up 0.12% in August 2016

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After a solid performance in July, the UCITS HFS Index continues its recovery with gains of 0.12% in August 2016. The broad index started positively into the month with a performance of 0.12% in week one. The second week saw the UCITS HFS Index rise 0.25%, before the momentum shifted in the second half of the month: week three caused a decline of -0.25%, while the last one-and-a-half weeks of trading added a further loss -0.02%. Of all funds tracked 63.09% reported gains in August 2016.


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