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Interview with Holger Knauer, Catana Capital

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Holger KnauerPrior to joining Catana Capital, Holger Knauer was a board member of EUR 1.8bn Celios Investment-AG TGV and its predecessor Prisma Investment-AG TGV since 2011 which he co-founded. Before that he was with Universal Investment for more than a decade as a deputy head of department for institutional sales and relationship management. Although big data has been a buzzword for quite some time, the finance industry seems to be late to the party once again. Except Google’s plans to launch robo-advisors at some point in the future not much seems to happen. Why are there not more fund managers building products around big data?
Holger Knauer: Because it is not so easy to do and many fund managers are still quite relaxed in their comfort zone. With volatility in markets increasing, the accelerating negative interest environment and crowded carry trades no longer working, however, this is about to change. So investors are looking for new ways of allocating and our Big Data based asset management approach is a way to do that. There are a number of large funds experimenting with big data already, but many of them are still either trying to understand what it is all about or using it as one of many components to their existing trading strategies. Read More

Fund of the month August 2016: LINDEN Core Fund 2X

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Fund Strategy
The LINDEN Core Fund 2X is a UCITS compliant fund domiciled in Ireland which exclusively trades the ecamos Core Strategy. It aims to achieve substantial medium to long term capital appreciation by implementing a diversified portfolio of systematic investment strategies based on economic principles. The main driver of the strategy consists of a unique model combining trend following and mean reversion into a single concept, which is implemented globally across more than 75 highly liquid futures markets spanning all asset classes (equities, interest rates, bonds, currencies and commodities). The addition of several satellite strategies further increases portfolio stability and results in a generally uncorrelated risk-return profile.

Fund Chart
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UCITS HFS Index bounces back, up 0.75% in July 2016

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After a drawdown in June due to the market turmoil that surrounded the Brexit vote, the UCITS HFS Index bounces back reporting gains of 0.75% in July 2016. The broad index started strongly into the month with a positive performance of 0.32% after the first full week of trading. Keeping the pace, week two brought along additional gains of 0.30%. Although the UCITS HFS Index slowed down in the second half of the month, week three and four still saw the index rise 0.11% and 0.03%, respectively. Of all funds tracked 76.23% reported gains in July 2016.

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