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Interview with Mike Judith, DNB Asset Management

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Mike JuditzMike Judith joined DNB Asset Management S.A. in June 2010. Since 2015, he has been heading both the Luxembourg-based portfolio management as well as the international sales team. Mike has also been lecturing at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in Germany since 2007 and holds banking-related Bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s in Banking Management (Dipl. Bankbetriebswirt). DNB set up UCITS alternative funds as early as 2007, way before most alternative asset managers even knew about the possibilities under the UCITS directive. What led to this decision?
Mike Judith: Initially, one of our long-standing customers who already trusted in our stock-picking capabilities in thematic areas, asked us to propose corresponding market neutral strategies. Based on the existing fundamental bottom-up stock selection approach, we launched market neutral funds which simply strip out unwanted beta and leave investors with our ability to generate alpha. We will complete our 10 year track record in 2017. Read More

Fund of the month July 2016: MFM Global Thematic L/S UCITS

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Fund Strategy
MFM Global Thematic L/S UCITS is a multi-thematic Long/Short equity strategy. It invests in growing themes by buying companies globally. The Investment Manager will identify core themes that he considers offer attractive long-term investment opportunities to shareholders. The themes will change from time to time. The objective is to generate a better risk/reward than investing in global equities. The strategy is value driven, qualitative, non-benchmarked and has a low turnover. The derivative instruments will be generally used to gain a short exposure to certain equities or equity related securities while the long exposure will be achieved through direct investment in the targeted securities. Main investment constraints are that the fund has to be net long, with a maximum exposure of 50% to Emerging Markets and a minimum exposure of 50% gross equity invested. Historically, the fund has not been using much leverage.

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UCITS HFS Index takes hit amidst Brexit vote, down -0.41% in June 2016

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After three consecutive positive monthly results the UCITS HFS Index experiences a draw-down again, reporting losses of -0.41% in June 2016. The broad index started slowly into the month, posting marginal gains and losses of 0.02% and -0.05% in week one and two respectively. The biggest hit for the UCITS HFS Index surprisingly came not in the week of the Brexit referendum itself, but in the week before (week three) with losses of -0.49%. In the forth week of trading small losses of -0.08% proved that the majority of UCITS hedge funds anticipated potential risks of the Brexit referendum correctly, with the last days of trading in June even adding 0.19% performance in week five. Of all funds tracked 37.20% reported gains in June 2016.
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