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Interview with Denise Voss, alfi

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Denise-Voss-Chairman-ALFI-2016Denise Voss is the chairman of alfi since 2015 and has been a member of the ALFI board of directors since 2007. She is also Chairman of the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA) Investor Education working group. Denise is Conducting Officer of Franklin Templeton Investments and has worked in the financial industry in Luxembourg since 1990. Mrs. Voss, alfi recently held a risk management conference. What are the biggest risks for fund managers as of today?
Denise Voss: Several well-known mega trends we face include increased geopolitical risks, the possible fragmentation of the EU, migration and social instability and a move to populist parties in some countries.  Low or nearly zero growth, our current zero/negative interest rate environment in many parts of the world and demographic changes, including the aging of the population, all have an impact on savings and therefore, investor behavior. Read More

Fund of the month June 2016: Renasset Ottoman Fund

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Fund Strategy
The Renasset Ottoman Fund is an unconstrained bottom-up stock picking fund with a macro overlay, primarily investing in Emerging European equities. The fund may also opportunistically invest in the broader EMEA markets if the opportunity arises based on the fund manager’s risk-adjusted return matrix. The fund has been managed by Aziz Unan since inception in January 2006 and it has been awarded the best Emerging European by Euro Am Sonntag over 10 years due to its outstanding performance. Aziz actively uses index futures, options and may hedge currencies during times of market stress in order to protect downside and reduce volatility of the fund. On the long side, Aziz’s strategy is “cash flow” and “return on capital invested” driven based on the in-house research proprietary database that’s is used to cover over 200 stocks in the region.

Fund Chart

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UCITS HFS Index slowly picks up pace again, up 0.23% in May 2016

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After the UCITS HFS Index broke its negative trend in March it continues its recovery with the third consecutive positive monthly result, reporting gains of 0.23% in May 2016. The broad index started negatively into the month, though, posting a loss of -0.19% in week one. As the UCITS HFS Index recovered only 0.10% in week two and lost another -0.01% in week three, a positive monthly result looked in doubt. It was the last week and a half of May in which the broad index recovered with gains of 0.34%, turning it positive for the first time from a month to date perspective. Of all funds tracked 65.55% reported gains in May 2016.UCITS HFS Index_Chart_2016_05_BLUE Read More