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Interview with Ted Seides, Hidden Brook Investments

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Ted is tTed Seideshe Managing Partner of Hidden Brook Investments, LLC, an advisory and private investment firm that helps asset managers and allocators with investment strategy and business execution. From 2002 to 2015, Ted was a founder of Protégé Partners LLC and served as President and Co-Chief Investment Officer. He began his career in 1992 under the tutelage of David Swensen at the Yale University Investments Office. Following business school, he spent two years investing directly at Stonebridge Partners and J.H. Whitney & Company. Ted holds a BA in economics and political science, Cum Laude, from Yale University and an MBA with honors from Harvard Business School. Mr. Seides, you recently published the book “So You Want to Start a Hedge Fund: Lessons for Managers and Allocators”. Tell us a bit about your personal experience that led to writing this book.
Ted Seides: Over the years, I met with hundreds, probably thousands, of start-up asset managers. From my first days in the business working for David Swensen at Yale through the last decade and a half at Protégé Partners, I spent nearly all of my professional career analyzing and investing in early stage managers. Read More

Fund of the month May 2016: DNB TMT Absolute Return

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Fund Strategy
The DNB TMT Absolute Return Fund is a UCITS global equities long/short hedge fund focused on the sectors telecom, media and technology (TMT). The team screens more than 500 companies within the universe, covering 300+ of those in detail before entering into a position (either long or short) in approximately 110 stocks. The fund is fundamentally equity market neutral with a net market exposure of +/- 20%. Looking for long-term trends within the TMT universe the team tries to identify stocks that are positioned best and worst, respectively, towards changing industry trends. The TMT sectors are characterized by a rapid change, which benefits certain business models while being disruptive for others. Understanding the industry themes and trends is a critical part of the investment
process and forms the basis for the stock screening process. A comparable strategy has been executed successfully by the management team in an offshore hedge fund since 2007.

Fund Chart

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UCITS HFS Index slows down, up 0.12% in April 2016

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After the UCITS HFS Index broke its negative trend in March it continued its recovery with gains of 0.12% in April 2016. The broad index started negatively into the month, though, with losses of -0.10% after the first full week of trading. Things reversed quickly as the UCITS HFS Index experienced its strongest weekly performance in April in week two with a performance of 0.30%. The broad index slowed down in week three again which still brought along additional gains 0.08% before the last week of the month concluded with a drop of -0.16%. Of all funds tracked 54.38% reported gains in April 2016.
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