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Interview with David C. Saunders of K2 Advisors

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David Saunders has been involved in the investment and trading of financial instruments since 1983. He has worked at Tucker Anthony & R.L. Day as an equity trader; First Boston Corp. as Vice President on the equity block trading desk; WaterStreet Capital, a hedge fund, as Head Trader; Tiger Management, as Head Trader; WorldSec Securities as President and ABN Amro Inc. as a Senior Managing Director. He co-founded K2 Advisors in 1994. He graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park, in 1981 with a B.S. degree in Business. Your Franklin K2 Alternative Strategies Fund (SICAV) with close to USD 1 billion assets under management, is one of the fastest growing liquid alternatives funds. What is the fund’s investment strategy?
David Saunders: Building upon Franklin Templeton’s strategic acquisition of K2 in 2012, the Franklin K2 Alternative Strategies Fund provides access to a diversified portfolio of alternative investment strategies managed by institutional-quality hedge fund managers. Read More

Fund of the Month November 2015: Sextant Grand Large

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Fund Strategy
Sextant Grand Large is a diversified and flexible fund aiming to international equities, fixed income securities and cash, with a significant safety margin. Exposure to shares may vary from 0% to 100%, depending on the attractiveness or expensiveness of the stock markets, based on a proprietary model that combines a valuation process (using the Price/Earnings ratio of each major Index over a 10-year horizon) with a bottom-up stock selection. As such, the net in equity exposure would increase as the stock markets become cheaper than their historical valuations. The stock selection leverages on the strong expertise of the firm and tradition of a professional equity value manager. Any assets not invested in shares are invested into monetary products or bonds. This approach has proven to generate alpha, while maintaining the fund’s volatility below its benchmark.

Fund Chart
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UCITS HFS Index turns around, up 0.96% in October 2015

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After the recent draw-down the UCITS HFS Index turns around with gains of 0.96% in October 2015 to turn positive from a year to date perspective again. The broad index started great into the month, posting returns of 0.64% after the first full week of trading. The positive trend slowed down in week two as the UCITS HFS Index gained only 0.06%, before week three brought along additional gains of 0.31%. The last week of the month contributed the only loss of -0.06% which was not enough to affect the strong monthly result. Of all funds tracked 72.48% reported gains in October 2015.
chart_UCITS HFS Index_2015_10
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