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Interview with Luca Bruni and Attilio Veneziano

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Luca has 20 years of professional experience in the Asset Management industry with a special focus on Fund Distribution, Market Intelligence and Social Media. He writes financial articles on LinkedIn and Funds People Italia.
Attilio Veneziano is the founder of Veneziano & Partners Ltd, a London based boutique consultancy firm leader in providing asset managers and hedge fund managers with solutions for fund passporting, private placement, KIID production, facilities agency in the UK and service provider selection.

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Fund of the Month September 2015: Eiffel Equity Alpha UCITS

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Fund Strategy
Eiffel Equity Alpha UCITS is a discretionary, long-short, sector-focused (Telecom-Media-Technology and Energy in Europe) fund. The fund relies on the CIO and the team’s unique insight and expertise into the TMT and energy sectors to generate outperformance. Drivers are corporate and investment experience, network of contacts, continuous bottom-up research effort, regular meetings with companies, industry experts and regulators.
The portfolio comprises typically 20-30 positions, which generally constitute pair trades between companies in the European TMT sector or between companies in the European energy sector, or between companies in these sectors and indices (market/sector/country or a combination).
The portfolio is managed within strict risk limits aimed at limiting directional, concentration, liquidity and drawdown risks. The fund’s net beta-adjusted exposure is typically between -20% and +20% of NAV, while targeting a low market correlation (as of September 2015: correlation of 0.1 to the Eurostoxx50 since inception of the strategy).


Fund Chart

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UCITS HFS Index not completely immune to market shocks, down -1.28% in August 2015

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Market turbulences do not leave the UCITS HFS Index unscarred, which reports losses of -1.28% for August 2015. The broad index started only marginally negative into the month though, posting a loss of -0.02% after the first week of trading. The negative trend picked up speed in week two as the UCITS HFS Index lost 0.28%, before week three sealed its fate with a loss of -0.83%. The last week of the month could not soften the blow as it added additional losses of 0.15%. Of all funds tracked only 34.91% reported profits in August 2015.chart_UCITS HFS Index_2015_8 Read More