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Interview with Freddy Brausch, Linklaters

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Freddy BrauschFreddy Brausch is the Managing Partner of Linklaters LLP in Luxembourg and has been a partner in the Investment Management Group since 1985.
He sits on several advisory committees and is a permanent member of the “Haut Comité de Place”, a think tank set up by the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance. As the implementation of UCITS V is getting closer: what are the relevant dates and key areas to keep an eye on?
Freddy Brausch: As you may know, the UCITS V Directive was published in the Official Journal on 28 August 2014 and became effective from 17 September 2014. It will have to be implemented before March 2016 and Luxembourg is intending to be a fast mover in that area as in previous cases. A draft law is already available. The law should be adopted by the end of this year. It is presently held back by the delays encountered in respect of Level 2 measures. Read More

Fund of the Month June 2015: Alken Fund Absolute Return Europe

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Fund Strategy
The fund aims to deliver positive investment performance or at least preserve capital in any market condition through a L/S Equity portfolio predominantly focused on European stocks. The portfolio is built following a bottom-up stock picking approach combined with a top down overlay to determine the gross and net exposures, with deep company research and stock picking being the predominant driver of returns over the long term. The fund aims to have a maximum volatility target of around 10%; the net exposures can vary between -20% to +80%, with the fund generally exhibiting some directionality (30-35% net exposure reflects a neutral market view) and a gross exposure that is not in excess of 200%. The long portfolio is built primarily through single stocks and the short portfolio has a combination of single stock shorts and index shorts to allow a flexible and efficient management of the net/gross exposure.


Fund Chart


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UCITS HFS Index slowly gains momentum, up 0.21% in May 2015

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After barely being positive in April 2015, the UCITS HFS Index slowly gains momentum in May and posts returns of 0.21%: the fifth positive monthly result in a row. The broad index started negatively into the month, posting a loss of -0.12% after the first full week of trading. Things turned around in week two and three though with returns of 0.07% and 0.29% respectively. The last week of the month did not change much as it brought along a marginal loss of -0.01%. Of all funds tracked 62.30% reported profits in May 2015.chart_UCITS HFS Index_2015_5 Read More