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Interview with Stefan M. Kremeth, Incrementum AG

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Stefan M. KremeStefan Kremethth is the CEO and Partner of Incrementum and  holds an EMBA in Intl. Asset Mgmt from the University of Liechtenstein. He worked for UBS Zurich, Toronto, Madrid, Sal. Oppenheim and Lombard Odier, where he became EVP in 2006. Stefan returned to Sal. Oppenheim as MD to build up and manage the Sales- & Execution Trading Desk. In 2009 he became co-owner of Incrementum. New UCITS fund managers have to decide at first whether they setup their own fund structure or use a UCITS fund platform. You decided to setup your own fund umbrella for seven independent fund managers. How did you find your partners?
Stefan M. Kremeth: During my career I had the chance to meet a great many and interesting people, six of whom became partners of mine at Incrementum AG. Three of them I have known for more than 20 years and I have worked with in the past. Read More

Fund of the Month May 2015: Finlabo Dynamic Equity

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Fund Strategy
Finlabo Dynamic Equity aims to provide an absolute return over time in Euro by investing in a selected portfolio of European stocks and by managing market risk using equity index futures. The equity portfolio is invested usually in about 100 stocks selected from a universe of more than 2,000 stocks listed on European stock exchanges. The stock picking process is based on a multifactorial model developed in-house that uses both fundamental and technical criteria. The net exposure of the fund can vary between -10% up to 90%, while the gross exposure is always below 180%. The fund has one of the longest track records in its category – over 8 years – and has had an average correlation below 0.3 with equity markets. During bull markets the beta of the fund can increase to 0.7 while in bear market the fund can have even a negative beta.


Fund Chart

chart Finlabo

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UCITS HFS Index barely positive, up 0.01% in April 2015

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The UCITS HFS Index slows down in April 2015, reporting gains of 0.01%: the fourth positive monthly result in a row.  The broad index started well into the month, posting returns of 0.81% after the first full week of trading. Results became erratic though, the second week bringing a loss of -0.37% while week three saw the UCITS HFS Index pull back 0.12% again. Due to a -0.55% loss in the last week of trading the monthly gains nearly vanished completely. Of all funds tracked 58.31% reported profits in April 2015.chart_UCITS HFS Index_2015_4

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