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Fund of the month March 2015: 5D SteppenWolf Macro Alpha UI

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Fund Strategy
SteppenWolf considers ‘Austrian School’ economists as the prime exponents of its thesis regarding the pernicious longer-term effects of monetary laxity and financial repression as electorally-driven, myopic, ‘can-kicking’ half-measures in place of the requisite – but politically untenable – fiscal austerity and asset deflation. The 5D SteppenWolf Macro UI utilises three types of primary indicators in its allocation and positioning decision-making process: Fundamental / Long-Term Directional (Cyclical, Monetary/Credit and Valuation), Technical / Medium-Term Momentum and Behavioural / Short-Term Sentiment. The fund’s positioning is top-down, discretionary, diversified and active as a result. The portfolio therefore typically comprises about 65% macro-driven directional positions and 35% market-neutral/relative value position
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UCITS HFS Index continues run, up 1.01% in February 2015

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After a good start into 2015 the UCITS HFS Index continues its positive run with gains of 1.01% in February 2015. The broad index started slowly into the month, posting returns of 0.13% after the first week of trading. Momentum slowly built with additional gains of 0.22% and 0.20% in week two and three respectively, culminating in the strongest weekly performance of 0.46% in last week of the month. Of all funds tracked 73.96% reported profits in February 2015.

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Fund of the Month February 2015: LOYS GLOBAL L/S

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Fund Strategy
The investment strategy of the LOYS Global L/S Fund can be be categorized as Long/Short Equity with a long bias. The fund’s edge is the identification and exploitation of misvalued stocks on the international equity markets. Its investment universe thereby is not limited to specific countries or sectors; in principle any stock exchange traded company all around the world can be a potential investment. On the basis of a fundamental bottom-up analysis, the fund will trade equity that is significantly under- or overvalued. Being the most defensive fund in the LOYS fund range, the LOYS Global L/S has a net long exposure between 10 – 50 %. Read More