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Interview with Shane Brett, Global Perspectives

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Shane BrettĀ has 15 yeaShane Brettrs experience in hedge fund and asset management operations, consultancy and programme & product management at many top tier managers and administrators worldwide. In 2011 he founded Global Perspectives, a company that offers consulting, research and development to the asset management & hedge fund industry. Mr. Brett is also an author specialising in hedge funds, asset management and the wider global economy. His latest book “The Future of Hedge Funds” was published in December 2012. He is on the editorial board of “All About Alpha”, is a contributor writer to “” and has a regular interview slot on “Dukascopy TV”, the Swiss business channel. Furthermore Mr. Brett is a regular conference speaker and as he recently published a white paper on the state of hedge funds, we took the opportunity to find out what his views on the future of the alternative investment industry are. Read More