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Performance Data UCITS HFS Indices

IndexIndex valueReturn
UCITS HFS Index112.00111.980.01%0.36%1.62%2.49%
UCITS HFS Index Arbitrage104.9104.880.01%0.13%-0.02%0.05%
UCITS HFS Index Commodity87.3286.90.49%-1.04%-3.68%-0.89%
UCITS HFS Index Convertible126.65125.261.11%0.23%1.24%2.88%
UCITS HFS Index Credit128.1127.950.12%0.06%0.88%1.08%
UCITS HFS Index CTA106.22107.82-1.48%0.80%9.03%2.84%
UCITS HFS Index Currency102.13102.36-0.22%-0.32%-0.03%-0.80%
UCITS HFS Index Event Driven111.43111.260.15%0.15%-0.74%1.62%
UCITS HFS Index Fixed Income116.2116.75-0.47%0.48%3.40%1.74%
UCITS HFS Index Global Macro121.41121.40.01%0.40%3.16%4.06%
UCITS HFS Index Market Neutral104.68104.430.24%0.32%-0.09%1.26%
UCITS HFS Index Multi Strategy112.47112.79-0.29%0.26%1.67%2.32%
UCITS HFS Index L/S Equity119.54118.940.50%0.68%0.86%4.57%

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