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Performance Data UCITS HFS Indices

IndexIndex valueReturn
UCITS HFS Index109.8104494109.67757290.12%0.75%0.40%0.08%
UCITS HFS Index Arbitrage104.3395842104.4898123-0.14%-0.08%0.08%-0.56%
UCITS HFS Index Commodity86.6458585287.6179671-1.11%0.30%-5.74%4.33%
UCITS HFS Index Convertible125.1987279124.73500350.37%0.77%1.14%0.56%
UCITS HFS Index Credit129.0979739128.02852790.84%1.03%-1.47%3.38%
UCITS HFS Index CTA101.6144975102.37452-0.74%0.38%-2.81%1.22%
UCITS HFS Index Currency101.6632276101.5760510.09%-0.18%-1.30%0.04%
UCITS HFS Index Event Driven108.1092785107.76468420.32%0.44%-1.30%-0.11%
UCITS HFS Index Fixed Income115.7640652115.42354390.30%0.45%-1.33%2.72%
UCITS HFS Index Global Macro116.0660546115.48210850.51%1.17%1.63%-2.11%
UCITS HFS Index Market Neutral104.6987019104.7410044-0.04%0.33%2.25%-0.95%
UCITS HFS Index Multi Strategy109.7357433109.71395240.02%0.72%0.01%-0.17%
UCITS HFS Index L/S Equity115.8348617115.51265690.28%1.36%2.93%-1.55%

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Interview with Mussie Kidane, Banque Pictet & Cie SA

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Mr. Mussie Kidane is the Head of Fund Selection and heads a 7 member team responsible for selecting best-in-breed fund managers across all asset classes for Pictet Wealth Management globally….

Fund of the month September 2016: Global Time Diversified Absolute Return Fund

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Fund Strategy The Principal Global Investors Funds – Global Time Diversified Absolute Return Fund is a UCITS compliant fund domiciled in Ireland. It aims to provide a consistent stream of…

UCITS HFS Index continues recovery, up 0.12% in August 2016

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After a solid performance in July, the UCITS HFS Index continues its recovery with gains of 0.12% in August 2016. The broad index started positively into the month with a…

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