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Performance Data UCITS HFS Indices

IndexIndex valueReturn
UCITS HFS Index108.92108.380.50%-0.17%0.40%-0.73%
UCITS HFS Index Arbitrage104.22104.070.15%-0.02%0.08%-0.67%
UCITS HFS Index Commodity84.7584.100.76%2.10%-5.74%2.04%
UCITS HFS Index Convertible123.09122.000.89%-0.45%1.14%-1.14%
UCITS HFS Index Credit124.94123.091.50%-0.61%-1.47%0.05%
UCITS HFS Index CTA102.32104.23-1.83%1.35%-2.81%1.93%
UCITS HFS Index Currency101.68101.170.50%-0.19%-1.30%0.06%
UCITS HFS Index Event Driven107.58107.030.52%-0.33%-1.30%-0.59%
UCITS HFS Index Fixed Income113.82112.800.90%-0.03%-1.33%0.99%
UCITS HFS Index Global Macro115.70115.210.42%-1.12%1.63%-2.42%
UCITS HFS Index Market Neutral105.09104.830.25%-0.13%2.25%-0.58%
UCITS HFS Index Multi Strategy109.11108.450.61%-0.06%0.01%-0.74%
UCITS HFS Index L/S Equity114.79113.980.71%-0.61%2.93%-2.44%

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