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Performance Data UCITS HFS Indices

IndexIndex valueReturn
UCITS HFS Index112.241120.21%0.01%1.62%2.71%
UCITS HFS Index Arbitrage105.04104.90.13%0.01%-0.02%0.19%
UCITS HFS Index Commodity86.787.32-0.71%0.49%-3.68%-1.59%
UCITS HFS Index Convertible126.84126.650.15%1.11%1.24%3.04%
UCITS HFS Index Credit128.33128.10.18%0.12%0.88%1.26%
UCITS HFS Index CTA105.51106.22-0.67%-1.48%9.03%2.15%
UCITS HFS Index Currency102.34102.130.20%-0.22%-0.03%-0.60%
UCITS HFS Index Event Driven112.33111.430.81%0.15%-0.74%2.44%
UCITS HFS Index Fixed Income115.8116.2-0.35%-0.47%3.40%1.39%
UCITS HFS Index Global Macro121.89121.410.40%0.01%3.16%4.48%
UCITS HFS Index Market Neutral105.02104.680.32%0.24%-0.09%1.58%
UCITS HFS Index Multi Strategy112.78112.470.27%-0.29%1.67%2.60%
UCITS HFS Index L/S Equity120.37119.540.70%0.50%0.86%5.30%
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