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Performance Data UCITS HFS Indices

IndexIndex valueReturn
UCITS HFS Index110.28109.230.96%-0.71%1.62%0.91%
UCITS HFS Index Arbitrage105.30104.290.96%0.24%-0.02%0.43%
UCITS HFS Index Commodity84.4683.700.91%-0.71%-3.68%-4.13%
UCITS HFS Index Convertible125.07123.811.02%-0.81%1.24%1.60%
UCITS HFS Index Credit126.48125.570.72%-0.91%0.88%-0.20%
UCITS HFS Index CTA101.66103.20-1.49%0.82%9.03%-1.57%
UCITS HFS Index Currency102.03101.800.23%-0.10%-0.03%-0.90%
UCITS HFS Index Event Driven108.48107.890.54%-1.48%-0.74%-1.07%
UCITS HFS Index Fixed Income113.69112.880.71%-0.46%3.40%-0.46%
UCITS HFS Index Global Macro119.47117.701.51%-1.11%3.16%2.40%
UCITS HFS Index Market Neutral105.06105.19-0.12%-0.13%-0.09%1.63%
UCITS HFS Index Multi Strategy110.85109.421.30%-0.76%1.67%0.85%
UCITS HFS Index L/S Equity117.73115.501.93%-1.40%0.86%2.99%

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After the recent draw-down the UCITS HFS Index turns around with gains of 0.96% in October 2015 to turn positive from a year to date perspective again. The broad index…

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